The campaign, Exclusive of 40%, in the 2nd article

How does it work?
Win a 40% discount on the second part of the article cheap

It is only valid for the second part of the article?
The campaign works in multiple to each of the 2 article, you have to 40%, for example:

- first-article-full

according to the article a 40% discount

the third article, without any discount,

- the fourth article-the 40% discount

is always a multiple of 2.

What are are the items on sale?
All of the studies included in the new collection, and the collection of the late Summer, they are part of the campaign
All the items of the collections of the past remain in the rebate directly.

The following Terms and Conditions govern the campaign is being promoted by the online stores LUC.

The reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the campaign, in a situation of force majeure, without implying any compensation to the participant.

This campaign was valid 2/11/2020 a 22/11/2020.