Desfile - Summer Fashion Weekend by LUC

There are events that give us the certainty that we love what we do and that give us the strength to continue working to earn your trust.

The LOJINHA, UNIKA and CASABLANCA stores would like to thank all those who toasted us with their presence at the SUMMER FASHION WEEKEND by LUC, and to all those who for some reason were unable to attend, but who supported us. Believe we feel the love of all and undoubtedly were important to help us make this event unforgettable.

For our part, this was undoubtedly a memorable show and hope to have you provided a pleasant evening and a good show.

Special thanks to the Municipality of Amarante (Municipality of Amarante) and to its employees for all the collaboration and for the provision of space. A special word to the Mayor of Amarante, Dr. José Luis Gaspar, for all the cooperation and availability to be present at the event.

We also take the opportunity to thank those who also actively contributed to the success of this show:

- Employees of Lojinha, Unika and Casablanca;
- The parents of the Children who paraded;
- Child Models and Adult Models;
- Music: Dj Tikinho;
- Hairdressers, makeup artists,
Beauty Academy Extravaganza;
Lúcia Pinto Hair Salon;
Rosário Varejão Hair Salon;
- Photographers: Foto Navarras;
- Brands that supported the event;
- Zumba:
Instructor Juliana Miranda;
Liliana; Carolina; Diana and Idalina.
- Courts: Mr. Joaquim Fernandes;
- Employees in the organization:
João Esteves Pinto;


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