The poles more in the summer for Men

With the hot days, there is the need to renew the wardrobe. At LUC you will find a wide variety of news from the best fashion brands such as Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry, Antony Morato, Gaudi, Replay, Pepe Jeans, Salsa, Tiffosi and much more.

One of the highlights is the poles in which the variety of colors and patterns is very diverse and fascinating. The newest  Hugo Boss

polo shirts with a central logo and the new Ralph Lauren s

brand are the highlight of our collection. Not to mention the classic and indispensable Fred Perry and Armani.

If the idea is to bet on something with more style and moderate price we have those of Antony Morato, Gaudi, Pepe Jeans e Replay. P

For those who want more economical models and with a lot of paints, you can see our collections of Tiffosi and Salsa. See all the models by clicking on:Polos

If the idea is to invest in a renovation of the wardrobe, LUC has a diverse collection in terms of suggestions and brands and you can see everything by clicking here: Man

Text: Hugo Varejão